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Welcome to ALISA online♪
Our shop is mainly Hawaiian jewelry, fashion jewelry, bridal jewelry, carefully selected goods and art imported directly from overseas.

All of the items selected by our store are exciting. It's really fun to live surrounded by your favorite things.

Alisa delivers such excitement and excitement。

What is the future of beauty?

The answer is there by your choice.
Let's choose what excites you, not the prejudices of others.
Arisa will make it happen.

New Item Debut

A collaboration item with Mayuka Kuroda, a popular influencer who produces brands and works as a model mainly on SNS.





    All ALISA jewelry uses natural diamonds and natural stone pearls.

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  • Marriage Ring


    At ALISA, we will help you meet your destiny with only one engagement ring and marriage ring that will be your precious memories.

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    「We carry a lot of Goods from popular artists such as Colleen Wilcox.

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  • ARTS

    At our shop, we carry 3 brands of art: "Amore Art", "Hommage Canvas Art" and "Heather Brown Art".

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    Our shop sells "bath salts". How about adding one to your everyday life? Check out our wide variety of products.

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